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Online Character & Word Counter

This is a free online calculator that contains the number of letters or characters in a text, useful for your Twitter Tweets , eCommerce description , sorting description on another website.

The number of actual characters matters regardless of whether it's Facebook, Whats App, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and many other applications or just an annotation to employees or business officials. Maybe it doesn't matter as much as you say what you say. And you use how many characters.

The characters to count in the text area below are available for copying and pasting your text, or you can type your characters and words into the text area. The counter is updated at once, showing the number of characters, words, phrases, paragraphs that your text does not know about the white - space.

Several Social Websites

We have shown the boundaries of character of several social websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube.