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Our intellectuals have said that “DURLABE BHARAT JANME”, which means is “born in India is rare”. India, the India is a land full of virtue. One part of the same virtue is our Uttarakhand, where there is four from the Dham and the origin of the Ganga, Rishi Muni Meditation place is the period since ancient times.

Many people earning virtue from the remote areas and coming near to the Ganges, however due to its native origin of Uttarakhand, we should believe that we have born on this place, while in the darkness of second and modernity we do not have that much love harmony with our Uttarakhand. It is very condemnable for us to feel ashamed to speak when it comes to our native language due to modernity.

Transformation is the rule of nature. It is essential that we have to make changes in the society itself, but for some reason migrating from the mountainous areas is a big problem, the pure environments of fertile soil, leaving the pure water of natural sources, urban polluted climate is become an integral part of our life.

And it is also logical because even today, Uttarakhand does not find opportunities for this kind of employment which should be, I would like to highlight the fact that we don’t know as much as we know our culture its history and our mother tongue does not come to many of us!

Our culture of colloquial clothing is getting tarnished with all time because we do not know much about them and if we want to know about them then there are not enough resources available through the UK Academy in this series. I want to tell about all this thing about Uttarakhand.

In our blog, you will get complete information about Uttarakhand such as the history of Uttarakhand culture language and climate and food also. Apart from this, there is not enough resources available for the youth. The technical education can also be obtained through this. In the end, I would like to say that the more developmental people can see and develop Uttarakhand, it will be a matter of pride for me.